Rusborg Festival 2012


We’re creating a networking site for people interested in the history of the Viking Rus, and in particular for Viking Rus and Varangian reconstruction and living history. We’re planning on building a living history center near Moscow, Russia, and will be using this site and to organize that. We’re currently saving up and fundraising towards that and are roughly 1/4th of the way to being able to buy appropriate land.

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Vyatka Guards Festival 2011

Vyatka Stroja is a festival held in June by Club Radagost, and as reenactors from all periods of Russian historic reconstruction camping next to each other and then doing demo battles. Sometimes the earlier period people get pulled in to be “peasants” in the later period battles. Overall, though, it’s a deeply surreal festival, as you’ll be making Viking dinner over an open fire while the World War 2 guys are setting off major explosions. Rather the stuff of nightmares, actually, and you don’t get much sleep because those guys are really, really boom-happy. On the other hand, the kitchen tent where you can get mead and roast chicken looks like Valhalla, with warriors from all ages wandering through…



Spring Training, Club Jaromir 2011

KIR Jaromir is the main club Tony (tall guy with long red hair and a beard in these pics; no helmet then because it was still on order with the blacksmith, his old one being back in the States) trains with in Moscow. I tagged along one June day and photographed their training and exercise session in a city park near their club’s storage space. I’ll try to get Tony to post some comments on the various maneuvers the guys are doing.


New longship, Mittelalter Festival, Berlin 2008

Berlin Mittelalter Festival 2008

We were in Berlin for the summer solstice in 2008 and happened to find a Middle Ages festival going on. There was a Viking/ Vendel Period group launching a newly made boat – they even made a water sacrifice of some bread and drink – and a vendor with about 15 varieties of some of  the most delicious mead I’ve had anywhere. Well, it wasn’t particularly Rus or anything but the boat launching was rather special, so I’ve included the photos here.

Viking and Slavic Battle

Gorodets 2006

The first re-enactment festival Tony and I attended in Russia (we did SCA in the States for a couple years) was Gorodetsky Gublishe. The photos in the gallery are a bit old, of course, but I thought I’d start uploading galleries of photos related to Viking historical reconstruction and this seemed like a logical place to start. We didn’t have garb in Russia at that point, but this was the festival that got us involved in Viking reconstruction in Russia.